Wednesday, November 4, 2009

knit one

I've been knitting fairly steadily for over 7 years now... a variety of hats, scarves, socks, gloves, mittens, baby clothes for the nieces & nephews. But I never got brave enough to tackle an adult-size sweater.

UNTIL NOW! (Dun dun dunnnnn...)

I'm working on knitting this cardigan. I started it back at the end of September... at first I worked on it a lot, so it was going very quickly, but since I started this rotation in SD I've been going much more slowly.

Here's the sweater as it was just before I left Ohio (so, maybe 3 weeks ago).

Sadly, I'm not much further than that. The second sleeve is a few inches longer now, but I've still got a couple inches to go.

Here's a close-up of the "pintucked" panel on the front. The other picture is much more accurate in terms of the color of the yarn, though.
It's this yarn, in the colorway "Cordovan," which is #863 (far right in the second picture from the bottom, if you click the link). It's this very dark brown with reddish undertones. Pretty. (It's much prettier than the picture in that link, actually. Which goes to show that it's almost impossible to accurately photograph yarn for some reason, because I never would have chosen this color from that picture alone.)

What I'm most nervous about is that I'll finish it, weave in all the ends, block, and it'll still turn out looking amateurish and awful and not something I'll ever want to wear.

That's the problem with knitting... it's such a time-commitment for something you can't see the results of until you put in the time! So you just have to keep going and trust in a wish and a prayer that it'll be worth it. (Of course, I do enjoy the knitting itself. But it does kind of suck to put in a lot of effort and have nothing to show for it.)

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