Monday, November 2, 2009

Seals (not the Navy variety)

My resident this month really, really wants me to have fun during my rotation here in San Diego. She keeps making suggestions and giving me ideas of fun things to do and saying things like "If it's 4:30 and nothing interesting is going on, I want you to go home." Since she doesn't know me very well, though, she gives me suggestions all over the spectrum, from the coolest places to go out and experience the night life, to winery tours, to beaches and parks, to restaurants, etc.

Last weekend (the one a week ago, not the most recent one) Jack and I took her up on an idea and drove up to La Jolla to see the seals.

First we went to the nearby La Jolla Cove beach.

We climbed down (there were stairs, no worries) and got sand between our toes.

We may or may not have thrown caution to the wind and let our jeans get soaked with saltwater. (Okay, we did.)

We messaged pictures like these to our friends and family back in Ohio:

Then we walked over toward the Children's Pool area. We spotted some pelicans along the way:

Then we came up to where we could see the seals lounging and frolicking on the beach.
I don't think I've ever seen seals in real life... not in a zoo or anything. And certainly not in the wild as these were (though they didn't seem to mind our close presence).

They're so funny-looking, really! All long slippery torso, with tail and flippers added on almost as an afterthought.

But pretty, too. They were so awkward on the sand, hoisting themselves up and squirming along, but so graceful in the water. And so cute in their weird, unfamiliar way.

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  1. Those are some great photos! I live on the ocean in the Pacific Northwest and have seen a couple of seals in the water, but nothing like that. It must have been pretty cool, being that close.