Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm not happy, Bob. Not. Happy.

Thanks for the line, Mr. Huph. My feelings exactly.

The next-door neighbors (yes, the ones with the Evil Tree in their yard) are having their roof redone. I'm sure that's all very nice, improving property values, yadda yadda yadda. But it is so ridiculously loud. There's all this machinery roaring all the time, they're throwing boards and shingles and who knows what else into the dumpster they set up, and sawing with power saws, and hammering, and yelling to each other, and...

And did I mention that, since we live in an old neighborhood where the houses are close together, the neighbors' roof is like, 8 feet from our open windows?

See? This, courtesy of Google Maps, is our house (the brick one) and our neighbors' house (the white one)-- and yes, that is the Evil Catkin Tree in their front yard. And we only have the upper floor since our house is a duplex... so there's no escaping to the first floor to get a little farther away from the noise. I don't think the downstairs neighbor would appreciate us breaking and entering, you understand.

Also, since I don't appreciate workmen peering in at me (not that they would, probably, I'm just paranoid and like my privacy), I'm having to keep all the curtains closed on that side of the house, robbing me of my much-loved sunlight.

*indignant glare, complete with fists on hips*


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  1. I really hate it when our neighbours have loud work done. It's like all of the inconvenience of home renovations without the personal benefit. I hope it's over soon and peace is restored to you. :)