Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easy as...

Can she make a cherry pie,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy? '
Can she make a cherry pie,
Charming Billy?

Indeed, she can.

There were fresh cherries at the grocery store this week, along with a useful item I never really knew existed: a cherry pitter. (Mine is not as fancy as that one, being plastic; however, it is cuter, as it has pictures of cherries on it.) So in a fit of domesticity, I decided to bake a gen-you-wine, bona-fide homemade cherry pie. Fresh cherries, crust from scratch, and all.

Here's the aftermath:

Of course, that doesn't show the splatters of bright red cherry juice that went everywhere during the pitting process. Our kitchen trash can looks like the scene of a very small, contained triple homicide.

And I had to make brown sugar snails from the leftover crust, just like my mom always does. (Some people call them pinwheels, evidently, but I grew up calling them snails, so snails they shall remain.)

(Look closely and note the imprints where several of the goodies had been located.... before I ATE THEM.)

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