Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Which I Am Unwittingly Aided By The Shady Toledo Underworld

The other day, I woke up to a not-so-pleasant sight:

Yes, some ambitious soul had taken it upon himself (or herself, I suppose... vandalism and petty theft can be equal-opportunity crimes) to smash in the driver's side window of my car.

Safety glass shatters quite prettily, doesn't it?

Fortunately, the perp (that's my Law-and-Order knowledge of Police Jargon showing itself, right there) took nothing but an old purse which was completely and totally empty. Ha! Joke's on your, would-be purse-snatcher! I know, though, I know, it was stupid of me to leave anything purse-like in full view in my car. I have learned my lesson.

It strikes me odd that they didn't take anything else, though. I mean, it's not like I keep bags of diamonds in my backseat or anything, but they didn't mess with the CD player or anything like that. That's one good thing, at least.

So! With that thought, I'm counting this as a Blessing In Disguise. Doubtful? I shall list my reasons:

1- The smash-and-grab happened the night before nothing. I didn't have to go in to the hospital the next morning; in fact, I have no real need of my car for over a week. Seriously, what are the odds of such good timing?

2- Cleaning up the glass forced me to do some cleaning, in general, which my car desperately needed.

3- I spent the morning outside in the sunshine and fresh air (again, cleaning up glass, but whatever).

4- I met the neighbor across the street, who came over to put her hands on her hips, shake her head, and cluck her tongue in dismay that such a thing had happened. She also said she had been awake at 3AM and had seen a couple teens in a white Grand Am messing around in the street, and helpfully offered to report the incident to her brother-in-law, who is evidently a police officer.

And last, but definitely not least:

5- My car had been making a grinding sort of noise for a while now, but I had been procrastinating on taking it in to a mechanic. Well, this gave me a reason to do so, and surprise! The brakes are completely shot. I've apparently been driving around for weeks with no discernible brakes. Comforting thought, that.

So thanks, Petty Criminal Of Toledo, Vandal Extraordinaire. You never know, maybe you just saved my life!

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  1. OH NO!!! But I like your positive spin on the whole thing. And another thing to be grateful for: they didn't try to "jimmy" the lock before going for the window and then needing to have that replaced as well. I speak from experience.