Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth Year vs. Third Year: A Critical Analysis

All I have to say is, THANKS BE TO THE HEAVENS ABOVE, GLORY HALLELUJAH THIRD YEAR IS OVER!!!! This is my fourth day of fourth year, and so far, this year gets the big thumbs-up from me. So in honor of this momentous occasion, I'm going to call upon my second-grade skills and do some Comparing And Contrasting.

Third Year
  1. Students are absolutely clueless at the start of this year.
  2. Students are constantly yelled, mocked, and berated.
  3. No choice in what classes to take.
  4. White coat required every day.
  5. All rotations are done in Toledo, except for a few in outlying towns an hour or so away.
  6. Freaking out about every little thing.
  7. Have to take huge and scary exam after every clerkship.

Fourth Year
  1. Students actually have some clinical experience.
  2. Students are winked at when they are not ignored.
  3. Complete freedom in what classes to take.
  4. White coat only required for certain rotations.
  5. Only a few rotations need to be done in Toledo, and the rest can be anywhere in the country.
  6. Really don’t care anymore, just want to graduate.
  7. Only one clerkship the entire year has an exam at the end.

Hmm, yes, I think it's clear that Fourth Year takes the prize in betterness. What I don't think can be made clear iss quite how much better it is, so just take my word for it: IT'S A GAJILLION TIMES BETTER.

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