Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Everyone knows that packing and preparing for a trip (unless it's a vacation, and even then) is stressful. But what if it's a month-long trip to a city 500 miles away where you know pretty much no one, and where you'll be trying your darnedest the whole time to make a good impression and where you'll be expected to work like crazy?

Maybe your study would look something like this:

And if you're really anal like us, maybe you would have multiple lists of things to pack and do, like this:

Everyone knows that studying for an exam is stressful. But what if it's an 8-hour nationally standardized test that's required for your medical licensure, that you paid hundreds of dollars for the privilege of taking, that you'd better get a good score on if you want even a chance of getting the residency you'd like... and that both you and your spouse are taking on the same day?

Maybe your dining room would look something like this (and that's after straightening):

And, what if you were taking that test on Friday, and then leaving for that trip on Saturday?

Maybe your blood pressure would look like this:
(Kidding. That's not my blood pressure reading. At least I hope not.)

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  1. Wow...TYPED to do lists? That's impressive.