Thursday, July 30, 2009

restaurant review

So there's this restaurant where we often hang out, and which Jack is absolutely ga-ga over. It's this Mexican place over on Secor, called El Vaquero (which apparently is a chain, albeit a small one).

They do have charming decor-- the seats are all slightly different, so I'm pretty sure they were hand-decorated.

See, even two-year-olds (this one is the son of our friends Patrick and Christine) are pleased with the decorations:

Their margaritas are particularly delicioso:

They give you unlimited chips and salsa:

(Mmmm, salsa!)

And they have an extremely large selection of meals from which to choose:

Unfortunately, I don't much like Mexican food myself, so this is the only thing I've found which I enjoy.

I'm sure most normal people would find everything fabulous, though!

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