Sunday, August 16, 2009

sittin' on the dock of the bay

(Though I think technically it may have been a harbor, not a bay.)

Last weekend Jack and I drove to Annapolis, where we walked around, saw the boats and water, relaxed, and got mildly sunburned.

It seems so funny to be on a (rather large and well-known) Navy base like Bethesda, and have the ocean be nearly an hour's drive away. We figured we had to get some salt air into our lungs at some point during this trip. So we did do quite a bit of dock-sitting, watching the people on their sailboats and idly wishing we had enough money and time for such a hobby.

Apparently Annapolis is famous for their seafood, especially crab, so we got some of that. Here's the view from our table at the restaurant where we got lunch (no, we did not order the all-you-can-eat buffet):

We got ice cream. I insisted.

Well, okay, technically I got ice cream. Jack was weird and-- eschewing the 50-plus flavors of cold creamy deliciousness-- ordered a milkshake.

We walked around some charming neighborhoods:

We walked onto the Naval Academy campus and looked around.
(It was really, really pretty. And there were fancy houses where Admirals live.)

And then we drove back to DC, satisfied that we would not be ocean-deprived for our entire month.

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