Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Some of the metro stops have very long scary escalators.

I am not particularly afraid of heights, but these escalators always make me slightly dizzy. I feel like, "What if I leaned just a little too far forward?" I would tumble to my death, that's what. So I always grip the handrail probably a bit more tightly than necessary. And if I have to move from the right side to the left side, I can't just casually step across. No, I have to stretch out my arm and grab the left-side handrail before letting go of the one on the right.

Also? The handrails move faster than the steps. I'm not sure how that's exactly possible, since I'd guess they're run by the same motor, but there you have it. If I were to start at the bottom with my hand on the moving handrail right next to me, and didn't let go for the whole ride, by the time I reached the top, my hand would be a good three feet ahead of me and I'd be leaning forward on a diagonal parallel to the escalator itself.

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